Sunday, January 31, 2010

This update is WAY past due...

I sincerely SINCERELY apologize for not posting sooner than this. Things have been busy, road trips have been taken, life has just been crazy... I have not forgotten about the blog though, I assure you that!

First of all, here are some pictures of the little boy! Month 13 includes pictures from our trip to Indiana and from New Year's too, by the way ;)

Logan's been working on learning how to feed himself... Still have a ways to go :P

Month 10 (September 11 - October 10)
Month 11 (October 11 - November 10)
Month 12 (November 11 - December 10)
Month 13 (December 11 - January 10)

Anyways, Logan should be waking up from his nap soon so I'm going to keep this short...

I finished my student teaching in December - I really enjoyed the experience! Now that that's done (along with all my other requirements), I can call myself a state-certified educator! I've obtained my standard teaching certificate and updated my resume, so I'm ready to start applying for teaching positions for the 2010-2011 school year :)

Eric only has about a month left of active-duty military service. He signed the paperwork to join the reserves for the next four years, with two years guaranteed stabilization (no deployements!). So end of February he should be headed out to Texas to join me and Logan!

Logan's all over the place! He's so stinkin' smart - we're in for a world of trouble in the near future! He's recently gotten VERY interested in books. He'll bring me book after book to read to him, he can point and identify certain pictures/objects, and he's learning a variety of words/animal sounds. Such a sweet, smart little boy :)

I've been hired on as a TAKS Tutor at a local elementary school, so I should be starting that job within a week hopefully. I'll get to work with small groups of students and do hands-on activities to help strengthen certain skills (mostly math) and get them ready for the standardized test that they'll take in April. I'll also be substitute teaching some, too. Yay for having an income!

That's about all for right now. I'm going to work to make the blog a higher priority and try to keep up with the updates, because when so much time passes it's hard to remember what all I wanted to say!

So until next time, everyone take care - stay warm, stay dry, and stay safe :)