Monday, April 27, 2009

A few firsts...

First of all, I love the funny faces that this boy makes! He cracks me up! My personal favorite is the one on the bottom right ;)

Sorry it's been so long since the last entry on here... Logan got his first cold about a week ago. And then mommy got it, then Papaw, and Gammie got it too... So it's been a week full of runny/stuffy noses and coughing over here, but we've all been resting, me and Logan especially. Logan seems to be doing fine now, just a little leftover runny nose - but that doesn't get in the way of him being a happy little baby :)

Logan's laughing now, and smiling, and "talking" (more than cooing), and he's just so much fun to be around! He's just absolutely curious about everything now - anything new within his reach and he's got his hands on it. One of his favorite new things to play with is a ziploc-bag full of Fruit Loops (or some other cereal - Fruit Loops are the colorful option). He also loves looking at my cell phone and running his hands over the buttons!

Oh! I gave Logan his first bites of rice cereal a few days ago! I don't think he was too hot about the flavor of it, but he did a good job eating with a spoon :) Today at lunch he got a little bit of cereal after he nursed, and he decided he wanted to help me - every time the spoon got near him, he'd wrap both of his hands around the handle of it and hold on while I put it in his mouth. Very cute. He's going to be an independent one, I can tell. He likes to try to do things on his own already, but mommy's there to help because he just hasn't developed the fine motor skills to handle it yet. ;)

Anyways, Logan just woke up from his nap so I've gotta go... Real quick though, I uploaded a BUNCH of new pictures into the web album, so here's the LINK to check 'em out. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Logan's checking out his new toy the Easter Bunny left him :)

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! We didn't do a whole lot over here. My grandparents came over for lunch on Sunday, but that was about it. Oh! I did make some Easter egg cupcakes though! My grandmother gave me this book - Hello, Cupcake! - and in it they have all sorts of creative cupcake ideas and techniques so you can do them too, so I took a chance and made some... They didn't turn out quite like the ones in the book, but I think they were cute - and tasty! It took forever though! I ended up with 12 decorated cupcakes after almost 3 hours of work... I used them in the Easter-themed centerpiece on the dining room table :)

I like arranging things. It may seem strange, but I think I have a natural talent for it. I've also made some flower arrangements for my mom that turned out looking really professional. Organizing is fun too, and I love office supplies - folders, planners, that sort of thing... I'm just really a very type-A personality, I suppose. But anyways, moving on...

I took Logan to the pediatrician on Monday for his 4-month check-up and boy, has he grown! He now weighs 14 lb 7 oz (in the 48th percentile) and is 26.25 inches long (the 90th percentile - he grew 3 inches in 2 months!). The doctor talked to me about introducing solids into his diet, so we'll probably start that some time this next month. Logan got 3 shots while he was there, poor thing, but he did well. He cried when he got them, but calmed down really quickly afterward. There weren't any problems except for a little bit of fever the next day, but a little tylenol helped to clear that up pretty fast. Other than that, the little guy is doing amazing! He rolled over onto his side from his back today (I could tell he wanted to make it onto his tummy, but he just didn't have enough power behind the roll yet). And he's sitting up with support from whoever is holding him, and during tummy time I can tell his upper body is getting stronger every day. Oh, and have I mentioned that he's now drooling like crazy?? I have a feeling we'll be seeing some teeth in that little mouth of his soon... ;)

Before I forget, I've made hotel reservations for our (me, Logan, and Hannah) trip up to Indiana for Kimber's wedding... We'll get to Indiana Friday evening (May 15th), the wedding is Saturday, we'll see Eric's dad's side of the family Sunday and start our trip back to Springfield, Missouri (where my sister goes to school) that night. To make the trip back home a little easier, we'll drive about halfway to Springfield on Sunday and drive the rest of the way there Monday... It's going to be A LOT of driving (about 2000 miles round trip) so I'm not planning on going anywhere in my car for a while once we're finally back home. It'll be nice to see everyone though - and let everyone see Logan :)

I've been getting everything ready for another job fair this Saturday - polishing up my resume, filling out applications and getting paperwork together, picking out a professional outfit... Oh, and once I complete one more assignment, I will have all of my certification coursework complete! So basically that means that all I'm waiting on will be getting hired :)

New pictures of Logan are posted HERE.

Quick funny story about the boy: So when I lay Logan down for bed (or naps), I lay him in his positioner to keep him from rolling all around his crib. I put him down for a nap about a week ago with his head up at the right side of the picture (by the bird on the bumper). I turned on the baby monitor, and went and did some work on the computer. Less than 2 hours later I hear him starting to make some noise so I go in there to check on him, and am VERY surprised to find that he had managed to rotate himself 90 degrees clockwise in his crib... I walked up to his crib and there he was looking at me, upside-down... Silly little boy. I don't quite know how he did it, but it made his mommy laugh. :)

I have a lot I need to do the next couple of days (laundry and other chores, making copies of my resume, errands, etc.) so I need to get to bed and get a good night's sleep. Goodnight y'all :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My little boy is 4 months old today!

Haha! And once again his tongue is sticking out :P He's just getting so big and so cute so fast!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yay for productivity!

I got so much done today! Exercise? Check... Shower? Check... Three loads of laundry? Check... Assignment #4 completed and submitted? Check... And all before lunchtime :) So the rest of the day I spent with the baby (tummy time, playmat time, naptime) and I worked on getting things together so I can mail off a package to Eric. The past couple of days I've taken a bunch of home movies of Logan that I can send to Eric, and here's a little clip from tummy time today...


Logan is such a happy little boy and is right on track with all of his developmental milestones! He'll be 4 months old in 2 days - I can't believe it! We go to the doctor Monday. I looked back at some of the pictures I have from when he was just a couple weeks old and he doesn't even really look the same anymore! Except for the eyes - just as big and gorgeous as always :)

Logan and his teddy :)

Anyways, I just wanted to share this video real quick-like. Oh, and I got to talk to Eric for almost an hour yesterday. That made me very happy since it'd been a week since we last talked :) He said that he's been working some very long days and going to bed really early, but he's feeling good and can't wait to see us again :)

My super-mom self is going to try to make some super-cute cupcakes this weekend for Easter - I'll post pics if they turn out well. I made little turkey cookies for Thanksgiving two years ago and I've had an urge to be crafty ever since so we'll see how this goes...

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it April already??

I can't believe that in a week my baby boy will be 4 months old already! Time is flying by so fast, and I've been staying so busy (which is why it's been a while since my last post)...

I think Logan is almost ready to start eating solids. He's a lot hungrier now, and he's moving a lot more too! During tummy time he's no longer working so hard on keeping his head up - now he's working on getting those knees up under him. He's ready to move, I can tell. He just has to build up some more strength first. Also, since his head control is so much better, he's gotten to play in his jumperoo! I've only been putting him in it for a little over a week now and he's having so much fun with it. Tonight he was batting at the toys and smiling and bouncing - too cute! I'll try to post a short video of him on here again soon. The boy is also working on his balance now so he can sit up on his own. Right now I help him and hold him around his waist/ribs, but he doesn't need a whole lot of help. Now occassionally he'll try to take a dive to one side or the other, but that's what mommy's there for - to help him, guide him, and be his support when he needs it. :)

Oh, I'm sure anyone with kids can understand this, but just when I think I've got a good schedule figured out for us here Logan goes and changes his habits - skipping a nap during the day, wanting to eat more often, etc - so I'm taking on the same mindset I've got when I deal with Army stuff... Go with the flow. If there's one thing I've had to change about myself once I became an Army wife, I've had to try to be more flexible. The Army doesn't really let you plan ahead or get too comfortable with things the way they are - they keep you on your toes. So I'll use what I've learned here - I'll try to have a loose schedule that we can stick to, but I'm not going to let it upset me if things change. I can handle it ;)

Maybe you're starting to wonder how Eric's doing? Well, last time I talked to Eric (earlier this week) he said he was doing good. It was International Orphan Day when we spoke, and he said that they went and gave some toys to kids in a local orphanage. Other than that, Eric said that he's been working some very long days. He also remarked on how big our boy is getting. (In case I didn't mention it, I send Eric daily emails and daily pictures of Logan so I can keep him involved on all that goes on here.) Every now and then when we get to talk on the phone, Eric can hear Logan if he starts cooing and talking. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the two of them together again. :)

I've been staying super-busy around here... I just had my first job fair yesterday and, all things considered, I think it went well. Since I don't have my certification yet, I'm not expecting to get any job offers until the summer, but it was nice to get to talk to administrators from around the district and get my resume out there. I've got another job fair coming up in a couple of weeks. I didn't realize how exhausting a job fair could be, but when you're using so much energy to be positive and put your best face forward for all of these employers (I bet I talked to at least 20 in about an hour), a girl gets tired! Of course it probably didn't help that I only had about 5 hours of sleep the night before since Logan had a bit of a time falling asleep himself... But anyways, I'm almost done (yes, done!) with my certification coursework - just a few more assignments. ;)

Well, I need to be getting to bed - a lot to do this week... laundry, cleaning, spending time with my little boy (playing, reading, napping when I get the chance)... Before I forget, I posted a bunch of new pictures in the web album! Check 'em out when you get a chance and I promise you'll be amazed by just how cute my little man is. :)

Have I mentioned that he learned how to stick his tongue out this past week? We can't get him to stop doing it now! Haha :)

And by the way, Logan goes to the pediatrician next week for his 4-month check-up so I'll be able to share his latest height and weight stats... Take care, all. Good night!